Liberated negative space o’ the day: Art of the cover, Convenience edition with bonus Jessica Fletcher

For when you really, really want to murder someone but don’t want the spontaneity to be eclipsed by hassle!

    “We found this book in your possession.”
    “You must agree it’s rather suspicious.”
    “Didn’t you say that the victim was drug behind a horse and buggy through a cornfield and then flensed like a whale?”
    “Doesn’t sound convenient, does it?”
    “Sold. You’re free to go.”

…but what does Jessica Fletcher think?

Whoa. The plot thickens.

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One Response to “Liberated negative space o’ the day: Art of the cover, Convenience edition with bonus Jessica Fletcher”

  1. a bloody pie makin' wench Says:

    previously, on 1,000,000,000,000,000,0001 ways to die….jessica fletcher incessantly badgers and berates yet another potential suspect in her own frustrating southern grandmotherly way on “murder she wrote”…..”but there are are numerous details about this…this case, this appalling murder, that i simply cannot make any kind of proper sense of…?…and so i thought that perhaps, as you yourself are a mystery author and a renowned professor of not only writing, but also of literature and historian of true crime, that i might get your thoughts and opinions on this case, professor? oh, i do so hate to trouble you as i realize that you are a very busy man, and an important member of the university faculty here…and you do realize, of course, that i can only share with you the information that i have been entrusted with sharing? … next, a rerun episode of “in the heat of the night”…in which, a small %age of some population of southern queers and het womens are in for a real treat when, they git to see occifer Bubba go *shirtless* and wearing *tight fittin’ jeans* while he is out in his yard working on his muscle car.

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