Talk nerdy to me — it’s Wednesday: Mad Math edition

It’s important to get hands-on with arithmetic lessons.

So besides going back to school for some masochistic post-grad-work (I couldn’t stay away forever), I’ve also been teaching mathematics to below-level fourth and fifth graders. I really like it. But it’s kept me busy. These are students who dislike math and need new ways to connect with their material: I’m trying to use a lot of concrete examples.

Anyone had a disconnect with math in their youth and recall lessons which resonated more strongly than the ol’ drill and kill? I’ve got ideas of my own but, with these scamps, I can’t have enough.

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One Response to “Talk nerdy to me — it’s Wednesday: Mad Math edition”

  1. Bulletholes Says:

    I have. I’ve had a major disconnect with math. Ever since i was a little boy. I think i’m just too sensitive for math. When you say “Let X=Y all I can think is that its not fair. To either of them.
    Anyway, I have a whole string of math posts, mostly silly, but that makes it perfect for 4th and 5th graders I guess.

    Hey Thought Ex! Love your posts!

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