Wednesday Wednesday: Happy Halloween

Addams Family Values (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1993).

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8 Responses to “Wednesday Wednesday: Happy Halloween”

  1. mickey Says:

    Hey, great to have you back. Don’t know you but happy that things are going well for you. Found you awhile back and have read quite a bit, sorry that you were gone. I’m glad to be able to be up to date on your postings from here on out. You have great taste, write very well and seem like a total babe– highly jealous of new man but best success to you both. I don’t have alot of time at the moment but wanted to say thanks for the writing, glad you’re back and will post quick responses (regardless of whether or not you were being serious). From: VA but now living if FL. My deal: whatever FDR’s slingin’. Playmate: Cynthia Myers. Batman: in film, Keaton. Pie: all pie is good, slight edge to cherry over apple, but I’m a big cinnamon fan, so, it could go the other way– prefer blueberry to both but Lemon overall. Huge Audrey fan, and your life update as illustrated by Hepburn is great (as you usually are with selection, notes and panache.) If you can’t find a man then there are either none to be found or none of quality. E. is first rate. Please post when you can, always good to hear your electricity. I apologize for any grammatical etc. mistakes (as you are, obviously, quite learned.) Yay E! So very happy to have you back. My “blog” of choice.

    • E. Says:

      Thank you, Mickey. That means a lot to me. Cynthia Myers: excellent choice; Keaton: even better! How’s that weather affecting you this week? What about your friends/family left behind in VA?

  2. W Says:

    I think that this is not from Addams Family Values but from its predecessor, The Addams Family.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Good to have you back.

  4. Gordon Says:

    well well well,,,,no posts forever and then two in a day. We are spoiled. More answers to your questions later….so glad you are back..i checked your blog every day in hope you put up something entertaining and enlightening.

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