Take Two Tuesday and Gotta keep ’em separated — Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: What life will you choose?

Election day special.

Tartu, Estonia.

Choose … wisely.

This post’s picture originally appeared on November 9, 2010 at 9:53 am. Check that near-synchronicity.

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6 Responses to “Take Two Tuesday and Gotta keep ’em separated — Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: What life will you choose?”

  1. Dairyfarmer Says:

    Well looky here, you’re back at it. Something prompted me to check in, and I was rewarded for my efforts.

  2. mickey Says:

    AAAARGH! What happened?! Where’d E. go? Okay, WHO said WHAT? eeep… Was it me?.. Anyway, E. seems to have disappeared. Perhaps I’m panicking. I dunno. Alright, whoever seems to have bugged her, please apologize. If it is me, I absolutely apologize. E. seems to be able to find shit out of thin air. If she is busy with life, or, having a block I hope things work out. If one (or many of us) have driven you away, please ignore us and write for the therapy of it. Hope all is well. Hope you’re simply stockpiling some of your zany revelations and observations.

  3. mickey Says:

    Merry Christmas, E. Grinch stole your post. “What’s that” they say, but “E.’s post grew three sizes, that day!” Here’s to hoping you’re having a swell Kwanzaa, a swank Hannukah, a groovy Navidad and that you’ll be back with your postest with the mostest status next year!

  4. bishop2 Says:

    Hi! Are you posting again soon in this great blog? I wish I can read them again! 🙂

  5. Larry Says:

    Wow, no new page for over a year now. This is one site I really liked to read. Have you given up this site, whoever you are, and you and I share some things in common. Let’s get a new addition. Nov. 6, 2012 was a long time ago!

  6. Larry Says:

    Hi: Well, I’m glad the site is still up and running. There’s few sites where old Playmate photos can be seen. Playboy has pretty much closed down many that featured former Playmates with copyright lawsuits.

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