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Movie Moment: Bratz (2007)

January 12, 2010

I didn’t actually see Bratz (Sean McNamara, 2007), but these stills, brought to you by the Nostalgia Party community on the lj, make me wonder if I am missing out. (Click any of them to enlarge.)

Since, like I said, I have not actually seen this movie — I just love campy eye candy when I am feeling down and as soon as I saw these pictures I gasped in genuinely uplifted joy — I have put these subtitled stills in the order that I think makes the best story. I have a feeling it is not their intended narrative chronology. But don’t correct me if you know better; let us all enjoy the illusion.

So, to wrap it up: this movie might be terrible. I do not know. The stills are great. This I know. And for heaven’s sake, Kim Morgan Greene, call a bitch, because I think I just may love your wonky over-Botoxed face ’til Kingdom Come!

Final thought: from the Bratz extras DVD feature.


Calendar Girls Day: Boys of Summer … and Winter, Fall, Spring — and the Vatican!! edition

December 27, 2009

“These Calendar Girls are all wonderful and well, E,” (you are saying), “But what about some rare bloody manmeat up on this plate?”

Oh, my god, hideous oversight, which I will rectify ASAP, starting with pictures from the infamous heathen book of delights, the Calendario Romano, an annual, non-profit, blasphemously magnificent calendar of hot, hot priests in action in the swinging Vatican City.

In my family, we call them Father What-a-Wastes (not to be confused with Sister Mary Knick-Knack).

According to the Calendario’s official site, they have already sold out of their 2010 copies, but stay tuned because they may do a reprint, as the calendars are sold to benefit The Food Chain, a UK-based AIDS charity group. So hopefully they will cook up a way to make batches more.

If you enjoy the sacrelicious hotness, then don’t forget to add Calendario Romano on the facebook. Now say ten Hail Marys and an Our Father, and go take a cold shower, you hellbound sinner.