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No surprise: NSFW Advice from Sasha Grey

September 17, 2009

“Try anal sex. You might like it.” –Sasha Grey

Oh, Ms. Grey is so many kinds of wonderful. This is tremendously good advice, not only for the physical sake (really, do try it) but also as a life philosophy which we must particularly carry in to our sex lives: try the new, embrace it and see what you think, “be not afraid” or ashamed. Everyone’s rules are bullshit. When you blow through a red light at three a.m., you know rules are bullshit; why do you not bring that to the bedroom, where you should be your own strongest advocate?

You may think she is some self-demeaning adult film star, but Sasha Grey is more deep, intriguing, and honest than what you think. She is very bold and thoughtful and it means a lot to her to sound herself out on important issues and know her own mind. A thinker and a genuine free spirit. She’ll be around awhile. You’ll see.

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