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Daily Batman: Angels with dirty faces

June 24, 2011

“Angels with dirty faces,” by JKB Fletcher, via.

I’ve loved him since we were kids, six years old. We worked together, fought together, stole together. Oh, I’m not blaming Rocky for what he is today. But for the grace of God, there walk I. I’d do anything for him, Laury. Anything in the world to help him. I’d give my life if I thought it would do any good, but it wouldn’t. You see Laury, there’s all those other kids, hundreds of them, in the streets and bad environment, whom I don’t want to see grow up like Rocky did. I can’t sacrifice them for Rocky. You see, Laury, they have lives too. I can’t throw them away. I can’t.

(Father Jerry, Angels With Dirty Faces (Michael Curtiz, 1938).)

Perhaps all you know of the movie Angels With Dirty Faces is the clips of the faux gangster movie Angels With Filthy Souls featured in Home Alone (I have talked to people who seem to think these are the same film, when in fact the latter does not exist), but Angels With Dirty Faces is beautiful and important and complex and funny and heartrending and I highly recommend it, and if you do watch it and come back here and say otherwise I will slap you in the kisser because it is you who are the “filthy animal.”