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Daily Batman: Batman and Robin love a gay party

December 20, 2010

He’s just waiting for them to go so he can start listening to “Little Orphan Annie” on that radio.

Daily Batman: Vinyl vision

August 13, 2010

via WFMU’s Ichiban on the blogger. Official site of WFMU.

Photo for the Thor-Ables’ “Batman and Robin,” the B side of their “My Reckless Heart” single. The A side was a remake of a song one of the band members, Willie Davis, had already recorded in 1958. Two singles, four songs in all, were released by the Thor-Ables on Titanic Records, 1962. The Thor-Ables named themselves after the two-stage rocket launching mechanism. End fragmented backstory.

/ end

Take two Tuesday — It happens: Daily Batman

July 20, 2010

photographed by Terry Richardson.

Of course.

Daily Batman: The Bat Man (and his lady, Gossip Gerty)

June 14, 2010

“It took them a while to catch on that Batman would be the greatest.”

(Bob Kane, creator of Batman. October 24, 1915 – November 3, 1998. R.I.P.)

Bonus factoid: Kane’s wife, Elizabeth Sanders, played Gossip Gerty in Batman Forever (Joel Schumacher, 1995) and Batman and Robin (Schumacher, 1997), as well as portraying a “Gothamite” in Batman Returns (Tim Burton, 1992), on which set Bob Kane was a consultant.

Elizabeth Sanders as Gossip Gerty emceeing at the Charity Auction in Batman and Robin.

It would be a pretty cool gesture if Nolan contacted Kane’s widow to appear in one of his film adapatations, too, but anything kind of goes with him so we’ll see.

Daily Batman: Wedding bells edition

June 2, 2010

It’s June. Happy wedding month.

Pageant magazine, 1966. Click below to enlarge the copy accompanying the photographs.

Daily Batman: Making love in a cape is a dangerous proposition

December 12, 2009

via Paul Tobin

Bat tat, too.

Daily Batman: Enter Dr. Pamela Isley

September 17, 2009

Girl, do not even attempt to lay your folklore on my Jim Gordon. You keep your green thumbs off the Commish.

Not to mention this is extra-bad faith, because Poison Ivy is actually quite gay, you know.

edit: wow, that got hate mail in a hurry. I stand by my safe assumption, so all I can say is enjoy being close-minded fucktards incapable of accurately interpreting sequential art, you anal retentive canonical jizz-monkeys. –Mgmt.