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Daily Batman: Pussy cat, pussy cat

July 10, 2010

anonymous hottie dudded up like Jul-Newms via hyc on the tumblr

Pussy cat, pussy cat
Where have you been?
I’ve been to London
To look at the Queen.

Pussy cat, pussy cat
What did you there?
I frightened a little Mouse
Under her chair.

(Mother Goose)

Daily Batman: Enter Special Guest Villainess Miss Tallulah Bankhead as Black Widow

November 6, 2009

Pure as the driven slush, and a Patron Saint to the core; this was Tallulah’s final television role (perhaps the shock of the schlocky script actually did her in).

Batman: No, thank you. I never touch spirits. Have you some milk?

Black Widow: Dear Heart, you may be caped, and you may be dynamic, but to me you are a crashing bore!

Attagirl. More on Tallulah-dahling later; I have to dash!

Daily Batman: String Theory

September 30, 2009

Playing with balls is good for relieving stress.

Been a scarcity of Julie Newmar round these parts lately. I aim to change that this week. Beginning with rope play, it seems, because why not. Why … not?