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Daily Batman: Unlikely G — Jim Dandy to the rescue edition

June 2, 2011

By me. Click to enlarge.

Only Jim Gordon could still look like a dork even inside the Batmobile. Lord love him.

Daily Batman: Sabado, Sabado, Sabado

February 7, 2011

via laurenmoran on the tumblr.

Sweet ride.

Daily Batman: Vinyl vision

August 13, 2010

via WFMU’s Ichiban on the blogger. Official site of WFMU.

Photo for the Thor-Ables’ “Batman and Robin,” the B side of their “My Reckless Heart” single. The A side was a remake of a song one of the band members, Willie Davis, had already recorded in 1958. Two singles, four songs in all, were released by the Thor-Ables on Titanic Records, 1962. The Thor-Ables named themselves after the two-stage rocket launching mechanism. End fragmented backstory.

/ end

Daily Batman: While the Bat’s away

June 9, 2010

Alfred Pennyworth and the little Robin to the rescue.

Burt Ward and Alan Napier in a still from the original Batman: The Movie (Leslie H. Martinson, 1966).

Alfred is such a G.

Daily Batman: Hot wheels edition

March 3, 2010

They call me Baby Driver
And once upon a pair of wheels
I hit the road and I’m gone,
What’s my number?
I wonder how your engine feels.

Burt Ward and Adam West photographed by Yale Joel on the set of the Batman movie, 1966.

Scoot down the road,
What’s my number?
I wonder how your engine feels.

“Baby Driver” (Simon and Garfunkel, 1969).

Patented style.

An actual patent was filed for the Batmobile that was built for the first film version of Batman (Leslie Martinson, 1966). The patent, no. 205998, was registered to Mr. George Barris of Barris Kustom, who outfitted the Batmobile for the movie. Among its features were a mobile batphone, bat-symbol hubcaps, and a “radar-like antenna with aimable parabolic reflector.” (source)