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Adorable Jeannie: PSA edition

December 8, 2009

PSA: Jeannie loves Master. Pass it on!

In this episode, adorable Jeannie has decided that she wants to be Tony’s secretary so they can spend more time together. He tells her to do this, she has to join the Air Force, thinking it will deter her. Naturally, it does not, because she loves him and is his devoted slave*. Whatcha workin’ on there, Jeannie? Studying hard?

Or hardly studying?

*She is his slave by choice, it must be noted: he freed her from the bottle and she chooses to stay with him. He in turn takes care of her; I think they have an absolutely wonderful relationship, but I’m all kinds of fucked up.

Anyway, I effing love this show ’til the end of time (I’ll get in to why I think it is better by far than that sterile slop Bewitched another day) and I believe Barbara Eden to be the most delightful, adorable, cuter-than-shit blonde gift from God to ever totally prove his existence, so look for plenty more Jeannie where this came from!

All stills from “G.I. Jeannie,” I Dream of Jeannie: Season 1, Episode 5. Original air date October 16, 1965.