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Unlikely G: Super-straight not-gay Anderson Cooper edition

September 21, 2009

I realized it’s been a couple days since I remembered to do an unlikely g, so I thought I’d remedy that with ultra-g action. Super-straight Anderson Cooper and friendohs are all looking very, very g here.

You guys, Anderson Cooper is straight as all-git-out; I fail to see where these rumors of his gayness persist. What is gay about Amanda Lepore and the front man for the Scissor Sisters? Everyone here and everything about this picture is not at all something that would give certain less integritous movers and shakers in the political world of news exactly the ammunition on a decent, honest, not-grandstanding journalist for which they salivate. (Seriously, buddy, I forgive you cause I get it, but come on…the glass closet will never go away if rad guys like you let the pressure keep you in and don’t break it down)

“I’m not much for giving advice. That’s Bill O’Reilly’s job and he’s very good at it.” –Anderson Cooper, that sly silver fox!