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Daily Batman: Fans everywhere

June 6, 2010

Bat-Mania sweeps every corner of society.

via scandyfactory and comicallyvintage on the tumblr.

See? Girls like comics, too.

Sam Haskins Month, Day 9: November Girl

December 9, 2009

“Dance.” From his 1966 book November Girl. He also included it in 2009’s collection Fashion Etcetera. I’ll go in to that one a different day.

November Girl, like most of Sam’s books, is out of print. Still, it’s not as though all copies were burnt by papal decree and Illuminati appointment in all parts of the world at the precisely same hour it quit being printed, enforced by guards with muskets and sabres and saltpeter; it’s a photography book with boobies in it, not a worldwide conspiracy or any kind of forbidden-treasure-map.

You can pretty easily, though expensively, find November Girl online from rare booksellers and nudity-fans (those poor, brave pariahs who actually find the naked human body of interest — ugh, I cannot imagine what their lives are even like, they should really have their own charity) of all stripe if you got the cash for that kind of thing.

Perhaps one good thing to come from his recent death will be that demand might increase for his books and they will go back in to circulation.