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NSFW Advice: Asia Argento again, naturally

December 1, 2009

Writing about giallo the other day made me crave some Argento in my life. I find Asia much more beautiful and darkly lost than her father, giallo master Dario, so I turned to her. As always.

“I can’t remember too much about my father until I was eight. Up until that point he used to tell me that all kids smelt of shit and so he couldn’t be bothered with them. I think our halting relationship started in earnest when [her mother] Daria moved me away from him so he became much more important to me.” (Senses of Cinema)

“I never thought it was weird that my father would have me naked and raped in his movies until a friend pointed it out to me. I was just making movies and never even thought about the possible subtext going on. Nor do I have the psychological tools to decode his latent feelings. Perhaps I haven’t wanted to either because it might reveal something I have no desire to discover. Is Dario reliving his relationship with Daria through me? I did think at one time I was only born so my father had an actress in the family he could work with in the future.”

And I thought I had Daddy Issues.