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Movie Millisecond: Never knew

October 27, 2011

From Here To Eternity (Fred Zinneman, 1953).

Isn’t that just the way of it? I assume this will happen to me eventually. Right? Or not. And I die alone. Whatevs.

Sharon Tate’s Actual Life Awareness Month: Day 26 — Eye of the Devil

August 26, 2010

Cropped shot of Ms. Tate from the trailer for Eye of the Devil.

In 1966, Sharon was cast and began working on the picture Eye of the Devil. She worked with Deborah Kerr (who filled in for Kim Novak after Ms. Novak dropped out of the project), David Niven, Donald Pleasence, and David Hemmings. The picture was her first featured film performance. Though Sharon had only a few lines, her part as Odile de Caray, a mysterious witch with a vulnerable and sexual vibe, landed her in the hot-seat for stills and posters. She was already catching eyes.

Publicity still for Eye of the Devil.

Sharon is a great discovery. First of all, she’s a fabulously good-looking bird; and she’s got all the fun and spark and “go.” She’s a marvelous girl. She’s up on cloud nine, Sharon is. And I think she’s a very, very good actress. She’s obviously going to make a big hit in this picture.

(David Niven, co-star in Eye of the Devil (J. Lee Thompson, 1966).)