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NSFW November: Dianne Danford, Miss November 1961

November 20, 2009

We’ll kick off today with Miss November 1961, the lovely and talented Dianne Danford. She was discovered and asked to pose for Playboy while shooting skeet at a range in Los Angeles (“Venus with Arms,” Playboy, November 1961).

Photographed by Mario Casilli

Dianne — a 23-year-old, emerald-eyed, honey-tressed, fresh-visaged fair belle to arms — gets herself to a gunnery for sweet sessions of not-so-silent skeet shooting whenever she can break away from her workaday chores modeling the latest in bathing regalia, for which her 5’7″, 120-lb. frame is perfectly suited. Living with her mother, father and brother close by Hollywood’s celluloid dream factories, Dianne presents a pretty paradox — she couldn’t care less about getting her face and form before a movie camera.

That bit about not desiring to appear before a movie camera may have been true at the time of this shoot, but in fact Dianne did end up with a movie credit under her belt. She appeared as Connie in 1966’s Weekend of Fear. The movie was written, directed, and produced by a Mr. Joe Danford (a connection, maybe?).

Good grief, he was also the editor. Did he do sets and gripping, too? Cook and serve the food at the craft table? Master of the wardrobe? Gaffer? Now I’m just being cruel. Gaffers aren’t people. Anyway, the movie is the sole credit for both Danfords.

According to Sandra Brennan of, the picture’s plot runs like this:

In this horror movie, an insane widow desires a young lover and decides to steal him away from his own lover by employing a crazed deaf-mute to frighten her away. The fellow does too good a job and the girl dies.

Of course. Happens all the time.

While she does state in her data sheet that her ambition in life is “to be happy,” no Irish need apply: Ms. Danford lists among her turnoffs “being poor.”

Sick left-field burn on my own heritage!

Today is a triple-playmate-play day, so stay tuned for mas y mas Miss Novembers. My gift to you. Think nothing of it!