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Recently Liberated Space

November 18, 2009

I’ve still been liberating negative space lately, but I’ve been strangely upbeat and almost flower-childlike about the messages. Recently I was in two dreary, dreadful places where I thought the employees and other bathroom-goers could use some sunshine.

First, the Staples in C-town:

We were in Staples to have them make table signs for the wedding and every single employee looked so unbelievably miserable to be there that it was mind-blowing. There was not a happy camper to be found. They drifted like ghosts, avoiding eye contact with customers and, to a man, wearing a forlorn expression. I don’t know what gives, but that is one bleak joint, I’m serious.

A second place that needed a little liberation was most certainly the DMV:

They had little tiny tiles up in the bathroom to maybe discourage graffiti?, I’m not sure, but I didn’t let it deter me. The parade of human misery and frustration that tromps through that place must have the walls dripping with depressed psychic energy. Hopefully this cheered up whoever came in next.

That’s all for now, because I keep forgetting my camera when I leave the house.

Breaking news: Power outage predicted in Ceres

October 14, 2009

Gorgeous George just tipped me off that Movie Day may be interrupted by CID switching over to some new folkloric meter system and cutting the power to Paolo and Miss D’s house, which was our chosen viewing venue, for a to-be-determined portion of the day. Cheezits! That’s okay: we’re flexible.

Thus, once that outage happens, we will scoot from the honeymoon house-sitting and do our little bit of blending at the DMV rather than the Raley’s, since to complete my vehicle registration I need to prove to them I smogged my stupid car in accordance with their stupid laws and surrender my genuinely stupid Oregon plates. Only six characters on the plate? Puh-leeze. You guys are ridiculous. I can’t even look at you right now, Oregon. Ridiculous. Seven is the key number, man. Seven windows, seven doors, seven sevens! (Bonus prize in the mail to whoever nails that quote first. Not even kidding.)

Woohoo, back in the 209 for good (and a little evil, not gonna lie): why don’t y’all make your government bureacracy-bullshit selves useful for once, DMV, and hook me up with them there ol’ Golden Stet plets! So this is not a setback at all. Still taking the day to the moon. Ow!

Edit: The Gentleman beat everyone to the punch with a text message yesterday — “something about mary,” the man said. And he is right, sadly. Oh, I’ll send you something in the mail, all right…

May you live in interesting times: a.m. accordion edition

September 30, 2009

Interesting day on my hands, lots of irons in the fire, pleasure and business both to be tended to. Picking out flowers with Miss D now that some of the wedding details are settled down a bit, have to go to DMV later to register my car and get Californny plates now that Oregon is looking to be forever and firmly in the past (stomach lurch, eye twitch; ah, psychosoma, how I’ve missed you! but not). However, whatever happiness, anxieties, and mix therein the day brings me, I have the comfort of knowing it’s started out right: with an accordion.

I dropped kidlet off for kindergarten to find a little concert going on, complete with a bucket for change (seriously, could we please get a better budget for education in this country; we are teaching our children to busk for their hot lunches at this point) sitting at the feet of the smallest ones. They were playing “Hot Cross Buns” and I’m not afraid to say it, they seriously picked up some funk in there. Thanks, chitlins!

Let’s make this day happen!