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Daily Batman: Enter Talia

August 10, 2010

Talia al Ghul by Stephane Roux.

Said it before but I say again:

  • Mother of Bruce Wayne’s child.

    If I could design subliminal messages, I would pipe those two things in to Chris Nolan’s dreams, I swar to gar.

    She’s not getting any younger, Mr. Nolan. But you know what she is getting? Ever-more-perfect to play the part of Talia and take these films to the Next Level. Already had her dad as a villain, and his invisible hand is present in the sequel (the drugs Dr. Crane is still moving around GC in The Dark Knight are obviously chemically based on the hallucinogen he weaponized for Ra’s when he was a little more, ahem, put together; as he could have no present access to original stockpiles of that drug’s ingredients due to the plant’s destruction during the riots in the Narrows which concluded Batman Begins, Crane is likely acquiring the material to continue the synthesized manufacture of the fear drug from the League of Shadows, who’d provided him with his chemicals in the past. Yes?). Tie it all in and bring us home by bringing Talia in and let’s do this!

  • William Blake Month: Brooding cares & anxious labors that prove but chaff

    June 30, 2010

    Quit your job and go on tour.

    “Tracy,” Ryan McGinley, 2009.

    You recoil back upon me in the blood
    of the Lamb slain in his Children
    Two bleeding Contraries, equally true,
    are his Witnesses against me
    We reared mighty Stones!
    we danced naked around them:

    “Hysteric Fireworks,” Ryan McGinley.
    Thinking to bring Love into light of day,
    to Jerusalem’s shame:
    Displaying our Giant limbs
    to all the winds of heaven! Sudden
    Shame siezed us:
    we could not look on one another for abhorrence.

    “Fire Flip,” Ryan McGinley.

    O what is Life & what is Man,
    O what is Death? Wherefore
    Are you my Children, natives in the Grave to where I go

    “Hanna in wheatfield in American flag chair,” Nicole Lesser. 2009.
    Or are you born
    to feed the hungry ravenings of Destruction
    To be the sport of Accident!
    to waste in Wrath & Love, a weary
    Life, in brooding cares & anxious labours,
    that prove but chaff.

    (William Blake, Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion.)

    I do believe Mr. Blake is urging you to tune in, turn on, and drop out.

    Paved paradise to etc.

    Are you born “…to be the sport of accident and waste in wrath and love a weary life, in brooding cares and anxious labours, that prove but chaff”? No. I have said it before as a personal manifesto and I say again now despite my despondency this month and my dwelling over death and famine, that in the final analysis I do not believe we are born to feed the hungry ravenings of destruction, I cannot take the fatalistic, world-weary view that the average man is born cannon fodder in a long war between obscure forces richer and wider-reaching than we are.

    Girl welder, 12, for the Australian Air Force, 1943. National Library of Congress collection on the flickr.

    I can’t believe that is God’s plan for any single individual on this earth, no one can have been born for darkness and live only to push a wheel belowdecks to power someone else’s ship. I agree with this poem — shame and fear lead us to these empty lives of capitulation and lonely servitude to ideas forged by whatever money-hungry captain of industry’s self-serving philosophies are en vogue aided by the corrupt leaders of what could be beautiful religions. That is not the intent of our creation, I feel like that cannot be so, and if it keeps getting spread around that it is so, surely enough people are going to snap from their television-enhanced fast food comas and facebook opium haze and start a serious counterargument with words and deeds. I mean, they have to. If they don’t, then, my god, what is the point of existence even.

    Oh, bother. It appears between this chain of thought and yesterday’s rants about Nazi propaganda that it is shaping up to be quite a week of Opinions. “I’m just a little black raiiinclouuuud …”