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Movie Moment — Mean Girls Monday: Kälteen bars edition

June 7, 2010

The bizarre self-esteem and weight issues that the character of Regina evinces in this movie will be a recurring theme some other, better-researched day because, like the movie itself, those traits are satirically funny and cutting while still being devastatingly true, but today let’s focus on the great comedic timing of this specific Mean Girls movie moment.

Caps by me. Click to enlarge.

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September 16, 2009

This just in: Western Bacon Cheeseburgers are amazing.

A confession. I crave these regularly. I will go in jags of several weeks, up to a month even, thinking about how much I’d like one of these, and doing nothing to satisfy myself. But today I went for it. Totally worth it. Alert the media.

I swung by Panda Eraser’s beauty school because it was literally on the way home and left her a note on her car referencing the fact that someone asked her the other day, “How do you make purple?” Love you, you beautiful genius!

I call this picture Glamburger, but Phil Poynter probably has some other name for it.

Normally, I’d be bitching right now about how I totally broke down on my own usually iron will, (only foodwise) and I’m letting my body down, and I know fast food is poison, and I don’t believe in frankenfood and obesity rates and cancer and on and on but … I’m in some type of barbeque sauce-induced emotional coma and instead I’m going to go finger paint with my kidlet.

I’m high on food, y’all.