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Liberated Negative Space o’ the Day: Qui è dove dormo

June 10, 2010

Florence, Italy.

You can see that the homeless person who wrote this had written on this spot in the past, and the building’s owners have painted over several times. The most recent repaint is just beneath this message, and instead of saying it is where he or she sleeps, it says “Qui è dove vivo.” What happened to make his or her “living”-place identity more fluid, so that he or she only associates this clearly well-liked spot with sleep now? I suspect it came as a result of being driven away during the day by whomever keeps painting over the writer’s small and painfully human attempt at address-establishment, some workaday person concerned with appearances and light, complaining to friends at a dinner at a restaurant about how he feels badly for the homeless people outside his building, but they drive away customers or reduce the value of the property so what can you do? and everyone clucks sympathetically; some mouthpiece of empty it-sounds-good-to-say-so pandering about the importance of charity who gives to collection at church and feels kind of good about it but is still secretly freaked out by the different and eager to shunt everything “ugly” off into the night where they don’t have to look at it and contemplate such ugly things’ place in their own life and God’s plan; some brainwashed apologetic dick who buys in to the system and has completely fucking forgotten that the whole world is half night.

That got away from me. Sorry. Carità è veleno. Except when it’s not, because I know that’s not true, and not everyone is false or a liar or hypocrite, they’re just struggling with problems so big that even Eleanor Roosevelt’s small group of thoughtful, committed citizens cannot change this thing. It has to come from the top, who would never choose it for themselves, so must be rushed by barbarians at the gate, as has always happened throughout history to the elite (who get conquered by the rough who then form over time their own elite whose own rough rise against them in turn and on and on, so what’s the point of any of it?). Now I sound like an anarchist. Which I’m not. Mainly. Blargh.

Art imitating art, with credit: Les yeux sans visage/Eyes Without A Face edition

December 8, 2009

The following photograph was taken by a really fantastic — and very easy on the eyes — young photographer named Federico Erra.

“Les yeux sans visage” by Federico Erra

Model: Isabella
Agenzia: Elite
MakeUp & Hair: Marisa
Stylist: Marianna (for AMICA)
Photo & post-production: Me

Inspirato dal film capolavoro di Georges Franju. (Erra’s description on the flickr)

Very well done and confidently credited. What a great kid this guy is! And again, really, really easy on the eyes. He does self-portraits, so check ’em out. You can hit the Manhattan-and-Milan-based Italian hottie up on the myspace (current mood: “vexed!” — maybe wait ’til tomorrow to add him as a friend) or catch more of his work on the carbonmade.

I actually think the picture looks more like Dr. Génessier’s assistant Louise, the unbelivably beautiful Alida Valli, than Edith Scob, who portrays the daughter whose face he destroyed in a car wreck outside Paris. In case you’re curious, the plot is that the doctor, played by Pierre Brasseur, and his assistant Louise go around kidnapping women and trying to graft their faces on to Christiane’s, because that is the logical solution when you are a famous plastic surgeon and you’ve disfigured your own child driving drunk. That was Christiane up there, here is Alida Valli as Louise in the film so you can judge for yourself.

And here’s my favorite picture of Alida, taken about fifteen years earlier, because why not? She’s so rad. That’s all for this edition of Art Imitating Art, and again, I highly recommend you further check out Italian hottie and all-around talented guy, the currently-vexed Signor Erra.