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Advice: NSFW Milla Jovovich Edition

November 15, 2009

I have a Model Citizen post on Milla planned, but it’s hard to choose from all my pictures and factoids. She’s so awesome. Quick advice from the lovely and talented Miss MJ on parent involvement in children’s media viewing habits:

Photographed by David LaChapelle

I think parents need to take a lot more responsibility than they do about whether it’s OK for their children to go to Resident Evil or any other movie with violence or sex or whatever. It’s really easy to blame Hollywood for violence having an effect on kids, but movies would have no power if parents would just set their own standards.

I find this troubling because I took my daughter to Resident Evil: Apocalypse on its opening day. She was 5 months old and I wore her in a sling. She spent the whole time asleep. I think as long as I keep the kidlet away from this journal, that’s at least two steps in the right direction.

Family coming over today, so I’m mainly outie for the rest of the day. Catch you later!