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Langston Hughes Month: “Catch”

May 25, 2010

The lovely and talented Stephanie Seymour for Playboy, 1993.

Big Boy came
Carrying a mermaid
On his shoulders
And the mermaid
Had her tail
Beneath his arm.

“Mermaid at Weeki Wachi, FL, May 1974” via What Makes the Pie Shops Tick? on the flickr.

Being a fisher boy,
He’d found a fish
To carry—
Half fish,
Half girl
To marry.

(Langston Hughes, “Catch.”)

NSFW November: Miss November 1993, Julianna Young

November 23, 2009

Okay, the possibility of that last girl being so drastically underaged in my opinion skeeved me out bad. So I looked for my oldest Miss November and here she is, a Kentucky girl who was living in Florida at the time of her appearance in Playboy.

No photo credit that I can find so far.

When the lovely and talented Julianna Young appeared for Playboy as Miss November in 1993, she was 33, tying Miss April 1985, Cindy Brooks, as the oldest Playmate to pose for a centerfold up until that time (please note that Playmates of the Month are different from the bunnies, the models featured on the cover, the girls in the tearsheets, and whatever actress or model is in the celebrity spreads who appear in any particular issue of the magazine).

For the record, they were both beaten out for the all-time most vine-ripened Playmate title when Rebecca Ramos posed at 35 in the January 2003 issue — and Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World, Jury Duty), 36 at the time, was the celebrity model in that issue, no less. Nice hustle on the dirty thirties, dudes! Chronologically enhanced ladies need love, too. But please be aware, that is the only thing Ms. Young says is enhanced about her.

Sorry, again, I do not know even at all who took the pictures for this spread. But 38 DD, to answer the other question.

“My large breasts are actually a blessing. They’ll get me through the door, and my brains can keep me there.”

I am too liberal-minded to have any, nor is it my place to preach.

The hour and a half I spent watching the movie Free Willy. Also, seeing the devastation from Hurricane Andrew.

I come from south Florida, a sunny place for shady characters.

That’s a great line. I mock Floridians all the time. I like to pretend it’s like a crazy colony for convicts, but I’m only kidding. It’s not like it’s as bad as Australia or anything. (left-field sick burn comin’ atcha, Oz!) Girl, you’re okay.

The Brazilian triplets cover story is thought-provoking, jes? I may go investigate that.

NSFW November: Pamela Stein, Miss November 1987

November 19, 2009

From the snow-peaked mountains of Canada to the warm beaches of the sunny south Eastern seaboard of the United States, the third and final Miss November of today, the lovely and talented Pamela Stein, appeared as the centerfold in the November 1987 issue of Playboy.

Photographed by Stephen Wayda

Though she was born in Syracuse, New York, Ms. Stein was raised in “the part of Florida you don’t see on Miami Vice” (Playboy data sheet). Like fellow Miss November Shannon Tweed, Pamela trends toward them there ol’ rock stars (happens all the time). She is married to Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander.

Both of their two children, a girl and a boy, are named Robin. I guess that … makes it easy to remember. There is really no excuse for blanking on one of your kids’ name when they’re both the same.
Oh, snap. A quick check of the imdb tells me that the boy is Robin, Jr. and the girl is Robin-Sailor. In my face; those are totally different!

Actually, I do not want to particularly make fun too much because she seems like a pretty rocking chick. Cute, upbeat, and a good sense of humor.

She’s not one to get by on looks alone. On her Data Sheet, under “Goals and Aspirations,” she wrote. “To find the largest cockroach in Florida.”

You see, there’s this contest for, yes, the largest cockroach, and Pam has her eye out for likely candidates. “But don’t put that in the magazine or people will be sending me their cockroaches. I want to win fair and square.” — “Winning Streak”, Playboy, November 1987.

Pam told us with a completely straight face that if she couldn’t land a role on a TV soap opera, she’d settle for the job of being Ollie North’s next secretary. As we walked past a construction site to a chorus of whistles, she expressed gratitude that “someone [was] upholding the traditional values.” These lines were delivered with a megawatt twinkle that could stand up to hours of interrogation.

“I get the apple-pie jobs. I never get to look glamorous.” She did two McDonald’s ads; her friends assumed she was working for the local franchise. “Sounds like an exciting life, doesn’t it? Now you know why I answered the call for Playboy!”

Ms. Stein presently lives in Safety Harbor, Florida with her aforementioned fam, and, as far as I can tell, has never gotten to be Oliver North’s secretary. Aw. A dream deferred.