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Daily Batman: Bat tat, too — running out of herself edition

November 6, 2010


When her feet fly over the gopher holes and hummocks, past the tangle of chokecherry bushes and the edge of the marshy slough? In that difference she runs out of herself, out of her skin. Into freedom.

And then there are the dishes.

(Aritha Van Herk, In visible ink: crypto-frictions. The Writer as Critic III. Ed. Smaro Kamboureli. NeWest Press: Edmonton, 1991. 159-60.)

Normally when you see this quote, it is incompletely cited and quite chopped up to read, “She runs out of herself, out of her skin. Into freedom.” Go ahead and google it and you’ll see what I mean. The lines are very optimistic when taken out of context; when viewed in the passage’s entirety as originally intended by Ms. Van Herk, not so much, yes?

There are always dishes. There is no way around it.