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Daily Batman: Unbelievably awesome Catwoman hoodie

November 23, 2009

Holy fuckballs! You guys! Oh, my goshly, this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen some truly amazing shit.*

I do not have words for how great that hoodie is. So great. If you want, you can pick up a Karmaloop exclusive Cat Girl Hoodie by Tripp NYC for yourself or, you know, for a charming e kitty who delivers you porn and sparkling social commentary here on karmaloop’s website.

*I once saw two cows fucking, not even lying. It was around ten years ago and I was spontaneously on my way to Monterey, chainsmoking and speeding of course, and I came around a bend and hit a bit of traffic about ten miles outside Gilroy. There were a couple of girl cows on the side of the road (they both had udders is how I know), and, as I glanced over, one just up and mounted the other one, completely out of nowhere. It was an arresting sight.