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Daily Batman: Milo is the winner of a million gold ducats

July 14, 2010

Gold coins! Click to Enlarge.

You will call me RobinChrist!

Super-pumped, guys. Remember Daily Batman: WWJD edition and my promise to mail out a million ducats to whoever brought that idea to life? Awesome friendoh Milo Weasel is first to send in the Batman and Jesus comic! Thanks a mil, bro … I super-duper needed this and Ty’s amazing “19 Man” piece. You guys are too great! Expect those gold coins in a jiffy, except I’m going out of town this week and next.

This is true.

Daily Batman: WWJD?

July 12, 2010

Answering the question of what Jesus Christ would do:


WWJD? Jesus would fight crime as Batman’s sidekick. A million gold ducats to the first person to send me a comic of how that would go down.

Per mi amica: Miss D edition

September 20, 2009

“There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?” —Love, Actually.

Thank you for last night, my dear. It was just what the doctor ordered. You are a rock! What would I do without you to draw me out of my shell and then your shoulder to blubber on? All my love and thanks.