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Daily Batman: Batman is one cool dude

December 3, 2009

PSA: Batman is one cool dude, you guys.

Nicole Kidman as “Dr.” Chase Meridian in Batman Forever.

He is so cool, he makes the ladies’ hair blow.

Daily Batman: Enter the Riddler

September 13, 2009

It’s a good thing you have a buddy in this one, Bruce Wayne, because Edward Nymga and Sugar would like to take you on a strange trip.

Mr. Nygma, you'll forgive me for
being rude. But what exactly is on
your mind?

Precisely. What's on all our minds?
Brainwaves. The future of Wayne
Enterprises is Brainwaves!

It's hard to imagine anyone more awkward. The effect is
painful. Folks stare, mouths wide.

(Yes, the stage directions actually say “It’s hard to imagine anyone more awkward.” Akiva Goldsman screenplays ftw!)

And for the haters who say that Batman Forever is the worst movie out of the Batman franchise films, I encourage you to re-watch Batman and Robin and see if you don’t change your mind.