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Music Moment: Rachael Yamagata, “I Want You”

November 23, 2009

Rachael Yamagata – I Want You

Please enjoy this incredibly catchy and kind of snarly-sexy-fun number from Rachael Yamagata, a former member of the band Bumpus. The track comes from her 2004 LP Happenstance.

Her vocals when she does this soft growly thing sound a little like Fiona Apple, but I don’t want to draw too many comparisons to current artists because I think that is a jacked up thing to do. I will say that a lot of the backing instrumentals on her album are done by the Klezmatics, who work in the klezmer tradition of music. (And I am going to be googling the Klezmatics and seeing what’s what with their solo stuff, promise.)

This klezmer business is a genre about which I knew absolutely zero until I gave it a test drive on the wiki, but I will totally be on the lookout for it showing up thematically in pop from now on. It’s celebration music, mainly for Jewish religious ceremonies and rites of passage. It has definitive characteristics. You know, like, the wedding scene in Fiddler on the Roof, that awesome kickass bottle dance scene? Like that.

I think you can hear it in here, in the strong clarinet, trombone, and trumpet. I mean, obviously the song is not composed to be a deliberate inclusion in the genre, it’s just informed by it, and it’s done really well. Anyway, here are the lyrics to this great track and some pics of terrific singer-songwriter and hottie brunette siren, Rachael Yamagata.

You sat down next to me, like poetry to wine
Our window looked upon a yellow neon sign
I took your hand while you decided what to do
The only kiss, I ever miss, I shared with you
The other cities hold a memory still of a place
But when I dream of London, I can only see your face

I want you
And no one,
No one else will do
You, and no one
No one is the only one
To fill the empty space I hold for you

You simplified me down to slogans on the wall
I took offense, but you were right about them all
My friends are telling me I shouldn’t waste my time
But I can’t concentrate until I make you mine
I’m drawing cards and making wishes down by the well
Who would’ve known I’d lose myself in that old hotel

I want you
And no one
No one else for me
You, and no one
‘Cause no one else is strong enough,
To slow me down in time to set me free

I want you
Or no one else
No one else is fine
Oh, you, and no one
No one is the only one
To fill me up until I make you mine