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NSFW November: Miss November 1982, Marlene Janssen

November 16, 2009

Photography by Arny Freytag and Kerry Morris

That’s a gal I want on my side in a fight. And apparently the “Quad Cities” native was something of a brawler in her day. Beauty and brawn with a dash of compassion. Hell, yeah!

She dragged her girlfriend into a brawl to try to even the odds. “It was five guys beating up one guy. And I looked at my friend Bernie and I said, ‘Let’s go get ’em.’ So we hopped out of our truck and went over and started kicking and slugging and pulling hair. And when those guys saw two girls run up with their fingernails and flying feet, they ran. I could have gotten hurt, but it was the principle. Those guys were just not letting up.” (Playboy, November 1982.)

In her data sheet, she lists one of her turn-ons as onions, one of her turn-offs as L.A. freeways, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as one of her favorite movies. It’s love. Ms. Janssen lives in North Carolina now with her husband and son. She has a self-maintained official site where you can contact her, purchase signed photos, and read all about what she’s up to these days.

“Please excuse the archaic manner in which I have decided to accept payment for my prints. Many merchant account services don’t accept clients with nudity and I can’t get mad because I do understand the desire to maintain integrity and business pride. Rather than pose the arguments repetitively with numerous services, I just said ‘the heck with it, let’s just do snail mail and keep the USPS in operation!'”

Oh, Marlene. You had me at “archaic.” I am loving this woman! You can email her any ol’ time, but she does have a caveat:

“Keep ‘em clean okay? Comments from strangers about sucking my toes and stuff gives me the heebie jeebies. Thanks.”

If you upset her, you will have me to answer to.