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Advice from a patron saint

September 21, 2009

Aside from the actual Christ, Kurt is my second personal Jesus.

“You know, a person can say a lot of stupid things when they’re going through stressful times in their life. I don’t regret the majority of things I was trying to convey, but they didn’t really translate right.” –Kurt Cobain

You can go track down the article this quote came from at Rolling Stone or whatever, but remember that Kurt made a shirt to wear to an interview with them once that said, “Corporate magazines still suck.” Actually, this might’ve been from Melody Maker so that would make my slander inoperative, but I am too lazy to google it.

Point is, the right words can be tough to come by. I am in a Place with some Things and have been on break, just trying to hold on to rocks, and I have found a few, and they know who they are, so thank you to everyone I spent time with this weekend and who on the larger scale has been in touch with me lately. I’m sorry that my lame attempts at expressing my gratitude are probably not accurately translating. I don’t have better words to articulate how spirit-renewing you are and how much it means to me to have good people in my life. Thank you.