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The littlest Unlikely G

September 15, 2009

This picture is cool as heck. Her mom, the photographer Sally Munger Mann, took it. I really enjoy her work. I like her newer stuff too, but my favorite is the stuff she did with her kids. Awesome.

Speaking of little g’s who roll hard, my daughter had to once again sit in The Quiet Chair today for talking to her friend Amelia. Also, on her recess, she was in timeout because she was running. I don’t understand that one; I’m hoping there is more to the story or else I am afraid I’m totally all for her mutinous mood about it. I felt bad for her so I took her out. I will schedule a ghost post about what we did with our afternoon —highlights: Artel Art Supply store, Bonanza Comics— in a bit.

A preview:

As far as the trouble she got into and her little g’ness, I don’t really know how I feel about this kind of shit in kindergarten, but I’m doing my best to teach her to keep her nose clean and fly under the radar, so neither of us has to have thrown in our faces the ramifications of how school is a lot like work which is a lot like jail, and if you don’t play the game, you ultimately have less money, because that is So Important, so we must all go goosestepping off like good little Germans and not make a remark when we got an understandable problem with people stepping out of bounds in their control of our life.

See, do you see? Right there. Sentences like that are why she gets sent to The Quiet Chair. Next stop: The Ministry of Love for deprogramming. We are a couple of dangerous little thoughtcriminals.