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NSFW November: Donna Perry, Miss November 1994

November 14, 2009

I realized that I have more Miss Novembers than days in November. So we’re going to have to start doubling up. Oh, no.

Photographed by Arny Freytag

The only good preppy is a naked preppy. Here to prove it is Playboy’s Miss November 1994, the lovely and talented Donna Perry.

Ms. Perry is kind of an Amazon, dudes. 5’11”, 34-25-35, 135 lbs at the time of her centerfold appearance. I said goddamn, that’s a whole lot of toned lady. Haters to the left!

A Glendale, California native, Donna Perry’s initial ambition was modeling, but she found more jobs as an extra and in walk-on parts in Baywatch, 90210, and the film Wayne’s World (yay, something I’ve actually seen!). In her Playmate interview in 1994, she said, “People say I got married too young, but I want to have kids before I’m 26. You get along better with your kids if you’re younger when you have them” (“Driving Miss Perry,” D.B. Atcheson. Playboy, November 1994).

Today, at 38, Donna is still married to rocker husband Mike and has a son. She is a nurse on the island of Oahu. She has a profile on the imdb but the majority of her credits are for Playboy stuff. Her most recently recorded non-Playboy project is a cameo in 2002’s intellectual tour de force Blue Crush.

Between her centerfold spread and the cover, I bet this issue pulled down some pretty good numbers. Plus, check it out — interview with Joseph Heller (Catch-22). I’m sure that is what tipped the scale and hence it sold like hotcakes! Aw. I’m sorry. Totally unfair strike at readers. Honest, super-sorry. The articles really are good.

Later this month, we will come back to Ms. Perry and her connection to another Miss November. Ooooh, anticipation!