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October 5, 2009

Charles Chaplin at Lone Star Studios in 1917. Lone Star was basically Chaplin’s own studio, formed by Mutual Film Corp for him when the star system began to really play a major role in early cinema production (and budget). Chaplin was the writer, director, and producer for most of his films with Mutual, besides of course being the star. This unheralded creative control was Mutual’s last bid to keep ahold of him. People wanted Chaplin, Mutual wanted people’s money, and didn’t want Chaplin to figure out that with all his money and star power he could just form his own production companies. Of course, pretty quickly he did, founding UA with Fairbanks and Pickford. I don’t need to tell you that, most likely.

Nat “King” Cole – Smile The melody of this song was originally composed and arranged by Charlie Chaplin for Modern Times but much later, it was rearranged and words were added, to make it the enduring hit it is today. That’s why the song was used in the RD,Jr. biopic Chaplin.

Anyway, I have a less morally repugnant job than usual, providing content for a blurb on Chaplin and the feature Modern Times to appear in the playbill at a screening of early movies that were important to film history. So that’s what I’m doing with my day, although I think I scheduled a post a bit ago to appear later…time will tell.

Modern Times is the one where he goofs with the clock (wow, oversimplest thing I will hopefully say all day). You have likely seen clips from it.