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Daily Batman: Eartha Kitt Catwoman, as promised

October 2, 2009

This hurts. It’s fun and it’s harmless … but it hurts my soul a little. I am sorry, Julie Newmar. I really hope we are still cool. I plan to make it up to you.

Eartha Kitt as Catwoman in the “Catwoman’s Dressed to Kill” episode of the Batman television series.

The Catwoman targets the fashion industry by first terrorizing a banquet honoring Batgirl and then attacking a fashion show. During the attack on the fashion show, Catwoman captures Batgirl and takes her back to her hideout where she threatens to kill her with a pattern cutter. She then tells Batman that if he attempts to rescue her that it will leave the visiting Queen Bess of Belgravia vulnerable for attack. Now the Caped Crusader must find a way to save Batgirl and prevent any harm to Queen Bess. — Written by Brian Washington {}

I have to confess, as much as I wanted to resist looking for video of this, everything about that description is ten thousand percent RIGHT and is ringing a whole lot of ekitty bells over here. Menacing that little purple-sporting, do-goody, Robin-humping moron with the threat of slicing her face with a freaking pattern cutter? Mmm, mmm. That … that is right. That is just exactly what. Everything is right about that. I will look in to this further.