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Daily Batman: Batman has a socking in his stocking just for you

December 18, 2010

Daily Batman: A King-Sized Sunday Punch

August 12, 2010

via batmanpunchingpeople on the tumblr.

Now’s not the time for some wimpy Wednesday wallop, buckaroo. Make it a king-sized Sunday punch!

PSA: Talking politics socially

June 9, 2010

PSA: It was actually once considered rude to hound people about political issues instead of letting them make private, independent, informed voter choices and not descend in to pointless partisan debate (which often eclipses the issues entirely, creating ever-greater time-and-breath-waste) even and especially with people you claim to call friends. A high level of closeness was required before sailing in to such conversational and public discursive waters, once upon a time. We did not post bulletins and douchey status updates about it, even. Did You Know? Oh, the bygone era of manners.

Via comicallyvintage on the tumblr.

Damn, gorilla! You ain’t got to get punchy. A simple “I disagree” would’ve probably sufficed. But that’s how it is today. Keep your elbows out and your powder dry, kids.