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Daily Batman: Movie Moment — Batman Began

July 20, 2011

On this date, July 20, 1966, Batman (Leslie Martinson) made its stunning cinematic debut. These hand-picked choice stills shall speak for themselves.

Thank you and good night. (bow)

Daily Batman: Of babes and Batusis

August 1, 2010

Signed publicity still of Adam West and Jill St. John on set for “Hi Diddle Riddle,” Season One, first episode.

Jill St. John played Molly, the Riddler’s assistant in this and the companion episode, “Smack In The Middle.” She drugged Batman’s orange juice and he boogied for her. Video of the Batusi was showcased in a previous entry.

Daily Batman: Batman, the first movie, timeless questions edition

December 15, 2009

Thanks a lot, Riddler. You can rock me to sleep tonight.

answers: “Gobbles up“; “a sparrow with a machine gun.”

In all fairness, that sparrow one is basically un-guessable outside of context. I mean, you could pretty much say anything of that weight and add “with a machine gun” and be correct. Not so crafty, Riddler. I’m calling weaksauce on that one.