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NSFW November: Roberta Vasquez, Miss November 1984

November 8, 2009

This randomly terrible photo of the lovely and talented Roberta Vasquez, Playboy‘s Miss November 1984, makes “1984” scary in new and grotesque ways.

To answer the question we’re all asking: 40D. (the wiki.)

She was a cop in real life and also played one in Clint Eastwood’s The Rookie. I think that centerfold picture is terrifyingly ugly, I’m not sure why it got the nod, unless the editor was one of those guys who fantasizes about women hurting him — not emotionally, I mean, like crushing him to death during sex or something — but she looks better in some of these other shots.

I think this is the nicest one of the lot, but I guess it’s a little too late to vote, huh?

Almost all the pictures from that shoot don’t really look like her, she looks kind of crabby and a little scary. Maybe the photographer was a jerk for the interior stuff. But whoever did the outside work brought out her smile. See how much nicer?

As a final thought, Roberta Vasquez cares deeply about your health. Please watch her workout video and enjoy some retro aerobics. I admit to not watching the whole thing, but I’m sure it’s chock full of good solid nutritional advice and up-and-up shit like that.

So sweet of her to take the time, right?? I tell you. Beneath those mammoth mammaries beats a heart of gold. This girl is a giver, you guys. God bless her.