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Sharon Tate’s Actual Life Awareness Month, Day 2

August 2, 2010

Photographed by Walter Chappell at Big Sur, California. 1964.

This is my life: Only this moment counts, only this day. I have never worried about my future.

(Sharon Tate, “Mein Glück, Mein Angst, Mein Hoffnung / My fortune, my fear, my hope.” Jazmin, August 1969.)


This is also the hope I have for my own life: just carry on living like I do now — perfectly happy … or is this maybe asking a bit too much?


Sharon and Walter Chappell, the man who took these photos at Big Sur in 1964, became friends. Mr. Chappell did not make the pictures public until the last decade, when he consented shortly before his death for the photographs to be used in a 2001 showing in Los Angeles at the Roth Horowitz Anderson Gallery. Chappell originally printed three copies of the Big Sur portfolio he’d shot with Sharon: the first was the (rejected) portfolio he’d sent to her producer Martin Ransohoff; the second was the portfolio that was shown at the gallery in 2001. Her husband has the final copy. A much more detailed article on the story of Ms. Tate’s shoots with Mr. Chappell may be found here.