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Daily Batman: Maybe Batgirl is not as heinous as I have always thought

December 13, 2009

I may have been a little hasty in my judgment of Hopalong P. Funbags (aka Batgirl).

So what this comic panel is telling me is that Barbara Gordon is

  • a redhead (this I knew);
  • a librarian;

  • a DIY sewing chick.
  • Oh, shit, am I suddenly sold??

    Right about now.

    September 15, 2009

    Oh my god, total sassy molassy that I am dealing with—the American Sewing Expo is in Michigan this year. Really? Novi, Michigan, really? Why don’t you just hold it on the moon, a-holes? It’s just as bleak and nearly as far. Here’s an idea for next year: have a convention in a state that is populous and people like to go to.

    I’m not trying to unfairly sway you but have you ever heard of this place called Disneyland, because I’m not sure you know this but it is in California. Not Michigan. The main thing is I can’t afford to go and traveling to Michigan right now would be a logistical and financial hassle. That’s why I’m really upset. God knows I hate Disney. I wouldn’t push anyone to line their corporate pirating coffers.

    Now I’m coming off foul. I’m in an okay mood. Feeling lucky about trivia tonight. The Gentleman is too, I think. Maybe tonight will be the night! We haven’t won in awhile (thanks to the genius of Mr. Kite, Panda Eraser and the Missus, and the Trio taken as a whole, which I do not begrudge any of them) and I have high hopes. We’re taking this pub night to the moon!

    “Too bad the sewing expo isn’t on the moon, since that is where we are taking the pub tonight.” –The Gentleman