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Daily Batman: The naked terror of true loneliness

April 19, 2010

Daily Batman: Movie Moment — Batman Returns

March 22, 2010

Batman Returns (Tim Burton, 1992). Screenplay by Daniel Waters.

Steamy couchy times with the Bat and the Cat. Who would predict, and what is that like?

Well? Was “Vicki” right? About
your difficulty with duality?

If I said yes, then you might
think me a Norman Bates, or a Ted
Bundy type … and then you might
not let me kiss you.

It’s the so-called “normal” guys
who always let you down. Sickos
never scare me. At least they’re

Then you’ve come to the
right lonely mansion.

I … never fool around on the
first date.

Me neither, on the second.

So. What’re you doing three dates
from now?

Kicking some ass in the sewers.

All screencaps courtesy youdodoodletoo on the photobucket. Many hearfelt thanks!

Daily Batman: The Bat and the Cat, up to games again

October 20, 2009

Those crazy, crazy kids.

“I can give you more happiness than anyone in the world, I mean, it’s me and you against the world.”
“What about Robin?”
“Well, I’ll have him killed. Painlessly. He is a bit of a bore with his ‘holy this’ and ‘holy that.'”
“Aw, that does it, Catwoman. I thought you had a modicum of decency, but I can see that I erred in my judgment!”
— Season 2, Episode #75, “Scat! Darn Catwoman Part 2,” original air date 25 Jan 1967

Best part of that exchange is the “Aw.” He’s bummed, y’all.

Daily Batman: The Bat and the Cat, Interrupted

September 27, 2009

It happens: I told you they get up to some games.

Earth-Two Selina and Bruce are straight up busted by baby Huntress. Talk your way out of this one, college boy!