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Daily Batman: Christmas With the Joker

December 23, 2010

Come on, Batman, it’s Christmas Eve. Let’s kick back and get into the spirit.

The Joker’s escaped from Arkham Asylum, Robin.

And you really think he’s going to make a move on Christmas Eve? Even scum spend the holidays with their families.

He has no family.

Okay — I’ll make a deal with you. If we go out on patrol and Gotham is quiet, with no sign of the Joker, then we come back here and have Christmas dinner and watch It’s A Wonderful Life.

You know? I’ve never seen that. I could never get past the title.

(Batman: The Animated Series. Season 1, Episode 38. “Christmas With the Joker.” Original airdate November 13, 1992.)

Mark Hamill says he will no longer be reprising the voice role of Joker in Batman material (for now). Sad face. It was such a beautiful intersection of my dorky needs.

Daily Batman: The Cat and The Bat

September 7, 2009

The Batman: Season One, Episode 6, “The Cat and the Bat,” in which Selina Kyle sees a reporter on the news discussing Batman and, her interest piqued, sets out to meet him and steal his utility belt. Predictably, like a kitty who bites and bats at your laces and looks up at you like, “Aren’t I terrifying? Aren’t you shaking right now! I am so awesome!!” and has no idea you could just stomp them right there, she bites off more than she can chew and ends up laying waste to the Batcave with a giant robot and Batman has to bail her out. Original air date 11-6-04. Gina Gershon voices Catwoman. (i really like batman okay)