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Been spendin’ my day with Special K: bonus Beijing Restaurant review

October 2, 2009

Today, Special K sprung from school (last year before college auuugh!) at 1:05 and she and I had plans to go to Maisie’s Sushi, a newish place near downtown that I’ve been wanting to give another spin since the Gentleman and I went a few months back and found it to be, like, “on its way” but not “there” yet, if that jives. However, that plan fell through pretty much immediately as we were unaware that there is a special ordinance in Motown forbidding the operation of a sushi restaurant between 2:00 and 5:00 of a Friday afternoon. Did you know? We did not. We’re not certain, but it’s all we can conjecture given that literally every mothereffing sushi joint in the entire city was closed.

And here is the kicker: three of the some four or five we thought of and buzzed past still actually had their signs on and doors unlocked from lunch. We’d walk in and they’d shake their heads and ruefully claim they were closed. Really? Because there are literally people eating right there at that table. No lie, there were people looking at us with their mouths full of food as we were told no sushi for us. Total sass. Special K remarked as we left Soosh Gardino, “It’s no wonder that restaurants have the highest fail rate of all new businesses,” and we agreed actually being open is always the first step in increasing your customers.

Aye, Kathleen, I guess we will have to try again someday when they are serving the Irish.

So we were like, well, screw sushi then, apparently, and, partly because I wanted to take her somewhere new, partly because we weren’t too far from it, but mainly because Mr. Kite and I were talking about China and the recent 60th birthday of its form of communism, I took her to an old favorite, Beijing. The restaurant, not the city. She has been to the city of Beijing before and I wanted to take her someplace new, remember? You think I’m kidding but I’m not, my girl is a straight-up citizen of the world! I bought her a messenger bag to that exact effect, and put a long crinkly hot pink scarf with black music notes on it inside, because I am pretty sure it is bad luck to give someone an empty purse.

Beijing was just like I remembered: Running long cause I loves my Katohs AND Beijing’s amazing food toooooo much to be silenced! Click here to continue reading the review and see more pictures.