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Careful out there, campers

August 13, 2010

Normally I would tell you, “It’s Friday: do what feels right,” but … Hey-hey-hey! It’s Friday the You-Know-What’nth. (swelling organ music.) Didn’t even know it ’til my own mother mentioned it to me on the phone from work. And Paolo and Miss D actually are, in fact, going camping. OH, NOES! (organ music again!) Pretty sure they’ll be fine, actually.

How does Fate even know to give you bad luck on the supposedly notoriously ill-famed Friday the 13th? What is its reckoning — are we talking Greenwich Mean Time, here, or what? It’s already tomorrow in Tokyo. Just seems like we’ve nothing to fear.

Except thermonuclear radiation. And flying spiders. And thermonuclearly irradiated flying spiders from Tokyo, the world’s leading exporter of thermonuclearly irradiated monsters, where as I have made clear it is already tomorrow so the dudes are from the future to boot. I guess if you want to stay safe today or any day, don’t cross Tokyo. This is my best advice … ever.

Honestly? We make our own luck.