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Daily Batman: Got my sea legs back

November 23, 2010

The trial which had me so tied up in knots has ended better than I could have hoped. I celebrated a friends’ Thanksgiving with my closest friendohs. I attended my cousin’s wedding in San Antonio and feel grounded and affirmed being surrounded by friends and family in the past few weeks. I also ruminated long and hard and ultimately gained finality in a drawn-out situation that I hated, and I feel, in the grand summation, a whole lot less like I’m walled up in a castle behind thorns. Whew. I have my sea legs back, and I am ready to resume sailing steadily along this journey. Prepare for a post parade.

Daily Batman: BFFs edition

February 2, 2010

Daily Batman: Violette van Parys edition

November 22, 2009

After yesterday’s Ellen Von Unwerth photos of Melissa Haro Rose and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Chantal Thomass lingerie, I was bumming around on the Chantal Thomass website, not ashamed to say taking screencaps of lingerie (it happens!), and I stumbled over a link to the site of French jewelry designer Violette van Parys. She works mainly in porcelain. Here are some snaps of her “bad Batgirl” collection.

Phrases include, “I’m a bad Batgirl,” “Catch me if you can,” and “Born to be wild.”

You can’t buy her stuff online from her website, and it is only sold stateside at a store called Catbird in NYC. However, she did a run for Topshop’s A/W 09 collection in the UK, and you can probably get that online (or in person if you’re abroad).

edit: Just scoured the topshop website and the Violette van Parys brooches are not available online. In-store only. But I did find two fricking sweet pairs of tights with hearts, one all-over and the other with a row of hearts as a backseam.

Man, I would so buy those. Holy shit, when did they put up a “wishlist” feature? Dude. You’re getting no work out of me the rest of the day.