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Dickens December: The common case

December 14, 2010


There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves, and a skeleton truth that we never did. To the best of my belief, our case was in the last aspect a rather common one.

(Charles Dickens. Great Expectations.)

Art of Design: Love a l’orange

December 9, 2010

via herekitty.

Love • as they say it is • as it usually is • as it cannot be • as it can end up • as it finishes being • as it is

Burroughs Month and Movie Millisecond: The cake is a lie, but the whiskey is very, very real

November 27, 2010

The whiskey is not a lie.

Auds as Ms. Holly G in B @T’s (Blake Edwards, 1961).

Truth is used to vitalize a statement rather than devitalize it. Truth implies more than a simple statement of fact. “I don’t have any whiskey,” may be a fact, but it is not a truth.

(Burroughs, William S. The Adding Machine: Selected Essays. New York: Seaver Books, 1986.)

I get this one. And in my case, when I say, “I don’t have any whiskey,” if I emphasize the “I,” I would actually be properly vitalizing the fact with the truth: I positively never, ever have whiskey because I hate-hate-hate the stuff. Can barely stand to think about it, let alone have it around. I don’t have whiskey is a truth. For me. I think I’m getting it right.

Liberated Negative Space: That IS the truth

October 15, 2010

It never does. That’s why the truth has to be dug to be got to, because we can’t conceive the entirety of it, just pieces at a time, like the first team uncovering the fossil of a tyrannosaur, only when they finally glimpse the whole shape of it, it comes to life and eats them all. Jesus Christ, if we went around with the whole truth in our heads all the time, we’d never stop screaming until someone finally looked the other way and we managed ten seconds of privacy to kill ourselves and end the horrifying senselessness. That’s truth. Not just stranger than fiction — messier and a lot more painful, yes?

Daily Batman: Joker sez “Eat spaghetti” and the nature of funny business

July 22, 2010



A caricature is putting the face of a joke on the body of a truth.

(Joseph Conrad.)

Daily Batman: Be a refuge to yourself

May 20, 2010

Words from the Buddha.

“Turn your back on it” by photographamy on the deviantart. please do check out her beautiful portfolio.