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Movie Millisecond: The Shining, “Zing.” edition

July 5, 2011

The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980).

Movie Moment: The Shining, an introduction to the Overlook edition

November 28, 2009

“Now, Mr. Torrance, one thing you must know is that the hotel is haunted. Horribly, horribly haunted. That’s cool, right?”

Uh-oh, he’s not going for it. Sell it, sell it!

“But the good news is, the ghosts keep a full bar, and your tab is on the house!”

Jack is sold.

The actual lines go like this:

ULLMAN: My predecessor in this job hired a man named Charles Grady as the winter caretaker. He came up with his wife and little girls. And from what l’ve been told, he seemed ike a completely normal individual. But at some point during the winter he must have suffered some kind of a complete mental breakdown. He ran amuck and killed his family with an ax. Stacked them neatly in a room in the west wing, and then … he put both barrels of his shotgun in his mouth.

JACK: That is … quite a story.

ULLMAN: Yeah, it is. l think you can appreciate why l wanted to tell you about it.

JACK: l certainly can. l also understand why your people in Denver left it for you to tell me.

ULLMAN: Obviously, some people can be put off from staying in a place where something like that happened.

JACK: You can rest assured that’s not going to happen with me. And as far as my wife is concerned l’m sure she’ll be absolutely fascinated when l tell her.

Oh, of course. Yes, ol’ Wendy just loves a good scare. It is the most overriding facet of her personality, in my opinion: her ability to handle a frightening situation with a steady mind and plucky aplomb, and not descend into horror or panic and despair.

Oh, wait … I guess her most overriding characteristic is that she comes completely fucking unglued at the drop of a hat.