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A confession: More like a dirty secret

September 4, 2009

This confession could get me kicked out of girlhood. It’s more like a dirty secret. You may think of me differently after you read it, or you may recognize the same feelings in yourself (I’m hoping for that latter). It’s a popular film and I have what seems to be an unpopular opinion of it. You will need to click the image to read this confession more clearly.

I know, I know. I am a horrible person, probably, for this secret. I am totally out of the With-It Girls’ Club. But I’m sorry, I just no longer support compromising.

I don’t want to cry in the shower anymore because it didn’t work out how I thought it would, because I’m crying over a system this movie symbolizes, a broken and stupid system which I can no longer support and will not allow to hurt me anymore. I must try to remember that I deserve love because I’m me, and I must not cease to hope that love will come in some form or another because people are supposed I think to be together, however they can, to whatever degree they are capable and desiring of it. There doesn’t have to be a story that fits with the expectations that have been set for me by school, religion, the media, and other women. I can set my own expectations and believe in my own magic and seek love for no other reason than because I want it and I deserve it and it is up to me to decide how and when it will be. I can just write that story myself.

I’m going to think of movies that I believe have the courage to tackle love in a real way and maybe, if I can think of some and have anything to say about them, try to draw attention to them here from time to time. That’s my project, that’s how I’m going to handle my sadness and anger and despondency over these things. I’m going to do my small part. Or try.