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Monocle Monday: Monocle application by Idea Machine edition

January 11, 2010

Monocle is a simple search tool that puts a universal search field at your disposal. When you want search, you can choose from a number of engines to perform the search in different places. Monocle comes preloaded with engines for Google, Wikipedia, Windows Live Search and Yahoo! Search. You can easily add your own engines by performing an example search inside a web browser window in Monocle. (source)

This is in no way an endorsement of that Mac App. I have never used it and likely never will, as I have had the same phone since 2005 and will probably continue to have it until it literally falls apart in my hands because I have grown to believe that I, myself, am built-in obsolescence personified, and everything I learn to use and grow accustomed to must immediately fall out of human use and knowledge, so that I remain freakishly anachronistic in my understanding of technology.

Et tu, Bender, my metal and small and doesn’t judge me at all robot friend? Then you can all keep your fancy-dancy iPhones and droids, and be sure to bite our shiny metal asses.

I believe there is always a person like this in every group that is behind the crest of the trend by deliberate choice, a lone cowboy on an uneasy horse at the edge of the horizon, never quite part of the pack of trailblazers, always slightly at a remove from the rest of society just in case this next invention is that society’s downfall, and in this generation among those I am close to, I apparently have taken on that mantle. Mmm, Apocalypse Bean Soup — with hamhock, even? Wow, thanks, cowpoke! Just like I like it!

So, yes, I know nothing about this newfangled Monocle app folderol. I just like the ads, don’t you?

NSFW November: Miss November 1963, Terre Tucker

November 23, 2009

The most shocking and interesting feature for me about Terre Tucker, Miss November 1963, is her real age at the time she posed for Playboy: the article that acommpanied her pictorial states she was 19, but it would seem there is some controversy around that figure.

Photographed by Stan Molinowski

This take-life-as-she-finds-it girl is umber-tressed Terre Tucker, our November Playmate, an emerald-eyed 19-year-old who ripened under Arizona sunshine and emigrated to Chicago via Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. (“Fair deal,” Playboy, November 1963)

Despite the fairly lengthy work history she cites in her interview as a stewardess, model, and even a bunny at the Chicago Playboy club, it has been suggested that when she posed for the magazine in 1963, she allegedly was only 15. I don’t see how she could have done all that other stuff and only be 15, but I’m not really sure about these pictures now. I think I’m going to have to be selective about which ones I put up, cause I feel like this situation is just too iffy and skeevy.

I got that as-yet unsubstantiated information from Terre’s wiki entry, which contains this lengthy and I assume so-far unedited addendum from a person claiming to be her old friend and former roommate, who gives his name as Dave Nestor:

It needs to be pointed out that Terre Tucker is a fictitious name and history. Terre’s real name was Karen Smith, born to a large family of siblings in July 1948, in Chicago.

Surprisingly, Karen was only 15 years old when she posed for Playboy in June, 1963, turning 16 the following month. After a short training assignment in Chicago, Karen transferred to the Lake Geneva Playboy Club in Wisconsin. She then went on to work in Memphis, St. Louis and finally making her way to the Seattle area.

Karen was a very close friend who lived with me in a suburb of Seattle in 1972. When we met, she was recovering from cervical cancer which was pronounced cured after 5 years. Everyone who met Karen, immediately fell in love with this funny, interesting, beautiful and very sexy person. After meeting her 16-year old sister, be assured, these features run in her family.

(Mr. Nestor, you seem like a nice person, and I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but you might want to really take that part about her teenaged sister out, because it can be construed as slightly creepy.)

Among other business ventures, Karen was in great demand at car and boat shows where she signed autographs and posed for photos as Terre Tucker, throughout the 1970s and 80s.

Unfortunately, cancer returned in the late 1980s. Karen passed just before Christmas in 1990 and is survived by a son and daughter who shall remain anonymous.

I got no clue who to believe on this one. All I know is in her interview she said her favorite food was ravioli. And I like that stuff, too. The uncontroversial end!