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Daily Batman: Milo is the winner of a million gold ducats

July 14, 2010

Gold coins! Click to Enlarge.

You will call me RobinChrist!

Super-pumped, guys. Remember Daily Batman: WWJD edition and my promise to mail out a million ducats to whoever brought that idea to life? Awesome friendoh Milo Weasel is first to send in the Batman and Jesus comic! Thanks a mil, bro … I super-duper needed this and Ty’s amazing “19 Man” piece. You guys are too great! Expect those gold coins in a jiffy, except I’m going out of town this week and next.

This is true.

Daily Batman: WWJD?

July 12, 2010

Answering the question of what Jesus Christ would do:


WWJD? Jesus would fight crime as Batman’s sidekick. A million gold ducats to the first person to send me a comic of how that would go down.