The Girls of Summer: China Lee, Miss August 1964

Dazzle your friends with correct pronunciation! Say “China” so it rhymes with “Tina,” not the clinical term for bajango.

Photographed by Pompeo Posar.

During Spring Fever!, in the post on Gwen Wong, I mentioned Ms. Lee and promised to give her a post all her own in the future. Happy to say that the future is now.

Ms. Lee is a real trailblazer and true intellect. She was the first Asian-American Playmate of the Month. Not lovely Gwen Wong, and not PR (name removed at model’s request).

Extremely athletic, bright, witty, and outspoken, China (née Margaret) was totally busting up stereotypes well before it was chic to do so. Get it, girl!

Like past-spotlighted comic genius Laura Misch Owens, China Lee began as a Bunny in New Orleans before winding up at the original Chicago Playboy Club. Due to her winning combination of unique looks, well-above-average intelligence, and friendly, talkative nature, she quickly worked her way up to Training Bunny.

As the Playboy empire expanded and Hef opened Clubs in other cities across America, China got to travel and show new Bunnies — and club managers — the ropes all around the country.

Her teaching duties take her to a different location with every new Playboy Club opening — a job which suits her peripatetic nature to a T.

“If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be ‘active,'” China says. “I love to roam, and I love to keep busy!”

(“China Doll.” Payboy, August 1964.)

“Despite the fact that I’m always on the go, success has come to me without my seeking it. I didn’t even apply for my Bunny job — I was discovered in a New Orleans hairdresser’s shop.”


Ms. Lee was quite the jock at this time, enthusiastically describing the various sports she participated in:

High on her sports agenda is softball: Last season she pitched and won 12 games (“My windmill pitch is unhittable”), leading the New York Bunny softball team to the Broadway Show League championship.


Screeeee. What?! The NYC Club Bunnies had a softball team in a league?! And they were champions? Anyone with more info and especially pictures needs to be my hero and send it along, stat! That sounds wonderful and fun beyond anything the imagination can conjure.

Like icy-eyed Finnish novelist Kata Kärkkäinen, Miss December 1988, China Lee cheerfully reported in her interview that she traversed traditional gender/sports lines not only with that killer windmill pitch but also by handily mopping the floor with the competition at bowling.

“Miss August is also a pin-toppling bowler (she ran up a 217 at the age of 13), prize-winning equestrienne and jumper, expert swimmer and ping-pong player, as well as champion twister of all Bunnydom.


Twister like the party game or twister like “Shake it up, baby, now, etc,” with lots of cheerful shimmying around a dance floor? I’m guessing the latter. Seems more her speed!

Very little is made in the “China Doll” article of the fact that Ms. Lee was not exactly your garden variety gatefold WASP model. There is no deliberate, faux-innocent oversight of her heritage in some effort to prove super-open-mindedness, either, which I also consider a point in the magazine’s favor. A good balance is struck.

A native of New Orleans and the only member of her family of 11 not now in the Oriental restaurant line, China says: “Though I was born in America, my folks still follow Oriental ways: They speak the old language, read the old books, and follow the old customs. In this sort of environment, the men dominate and females are forced into the background. I rebelled, and I’m glad I did.”


Ms. Lee does not denigrate “Oriental”* tradition, merely comments on the aspect of that traditional environment that displeased her and from which she walked away. It’s done in a respectful and confident way. Very cool.

*When people use this word now it kind of makes my eyes itch for a second. I feel like it’s so high-handed and colonial. It’s like when people say “colored.” The original word meant no offense and is way better than a racial epithet, but we have even better ways of expressing that now, you know? It is a long-running joke with me, Paolo, and Miss D because we all lived in the Bay Area in the ’80’s when “Oriental” and “Hispanic” were leaving the vogue vocab in favor of more specific, group-elected terms. So when we see “Oriental” restaurant or “Hispanic” lawyer on a sign, we all eagerly point it out to each other the way hillbillies’ kids laugh at their grandparents for saying “Worsh.” (I can say that because I am one.)

After her Playboy appearance, Ms. Lee kept her ebullience and poise and continued to make friends and influence people. She is the dancer in the credits of Woody Allen’s first film, What’s Up, Tiger Lily?, a part which she supposedly lobbied very hard for with Allen, who was a friend of hers. The film itself is a farcical redubbing of the Japanese movie International Secret Police: Key of Keys; in Allen’s version, the intrigue surrounds the case of an egg salad recipe. China performs a striptease at the end credits for Allen, who plays himself, several dubbed voices, and the projectioner screening the film.

Here is a link to the clip of her dance on the youtube.

Ms. Lee also appeared on television series such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and alongside Tony Curtis and Sharon Tate in 1967’s beach movie Don’t Make Waves. The publicity campaign for Don’t Make Waves was of unprecedented size and ubiquity — though the film failed to live up to MGM’s box office expectations, the cultural impact was still very lasting.

As an example, the character Malibu, played by sunny and curvy Ms. Tate, is generally cited as the inspiration for Mattel’s world-famous “Malibu” Barbie, and several Coppertone tie-in ads for the film are still reproduced in text books for marketing classes. I will go deeper in to Don’t Make Waves in August, during Sharon Tate’s ACTUAL LIFE Awareness Month.

Ms. Lee dated Robert Plant for a while, but ultimately she settled with political comedian, activist, occasional Kennedy joke-penner, and all around cramazing dude, one of the Comedy Greats, Mort Sahl.

Sahl’s influence on aspects of comedy from modern stand-up to The Daily Show is basically immeasurable. You have probably seen Fred Armisen on SNL perform a political comedian character he created named Nicholas Fehn who is not a send-up of Sahl, himself, but rather a send-up of Sahl’s admirers who can never quite touch the master. It’s the guy with the pullover sweater and Armisen’s own glasses, an army surplus coat and a light brown longish wig, who shows up on the Weekend Update with a newspaper in his hand and tries to make jokes of the headlines but can never quite finish his sentences: this using the newspaper as a jumping-off point for humorous discourse was a trademark move of Sahl’s.

China and Mort Sahl married in 1967 and remained together until their divorce in 1991. They had a son, Mort Sahl, Jr., who passed away in 1996. R.I.P. to him and condolences to both of them. I’m glad I got to share about some really cool, interesting people in this post. I’m feeling more upbeat than I was. Thanks for coming along!

I suspect that cover is another Beth Hyatt/Pompeo Posar pairing. Note how the pose and her dress make the trademark, cocked-ear bunny silhouette, mirrored by the small logo sketched in the sand by her right hand. It’s similar, though not as racily sexy, to the rear shot one they did where her dress was open at the back and the straps snaking around her shoulders formed the ears. This time it’s her legs and kicked-off shoes. See it?

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22 Responses to “The Girls of Summer: China Lee, Miss August 1964”

  1. IzaakMak Says:

    Another absolute gem! Even the embedded links were incredible! 😀

  2. awiwt Says:

    Another beauty! This really shows how beautiful Asian women can be!

  3. Fred Says:

    I love these playmate photo essays. Especially the ones from the 50s and 60s. The last 20 years of playboy has been bleach and silicone. If Hef does get the company back, I hope he goes back to The Girl Next Door.

  4. don Says:

    very beautiful. where is she now? what is she up to?

  5. MajikFireHornet Says:

    Chinese Jewess, actually…and married within the tribe.

  6. Nightbreaker Says:

    WOW! Look at that waist. Very feminine.

  7. Etiene Says:

    She is delectable! Those boobs, those nipples, the pussy …

    I would like to ravish her …

    Wait … how old is she now?

    But I’ll bet she keeps her looks!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    2 out of 10 asian girls are beautiful.

  9. Bud Says:

    Some of the images are backwards (mirror image). China always wore her hair part on her right side. Watch for images with it on the left and they are wrong.

  10. Louis Arcement Says:

    Louis says, what happened China ? I thought that you never forget your FRIST.

  11. etiene Says:

    Nightbreaker says:’ WOW! Look at that waist. Very feminine…’

    I look at her waist last, if at all.
    I look at her boobs, her nipples, her pussy …

  12. kevlito Says:

    All Asian playmates were beautiful. And more than 2 of 10 Asian girls are beautiful.

  13. etiene Says:

    Look at those nipples…
    They are inviting the guys to touch them and make them stand up and erect …

  14. etiene Says:

    Look her nipple is already hard and erect and sticking out like a bullet!
    She must be horny as hell and just crying for some jock to stick his cock into her pussy!

  15. etiene Says:

    I believe China and the other playmates get plenty of cock in their time.
    I read that Hefner and his cohorts enjoy all the playmates before they put their pictures in the magazine.

  16. Lefty Says:

    If by cohorts you mean Hollywood types like Cosby Hefner was just one of the biggest pimps ever! Who would do anything to hangout with movie stars or anyone famous. He thinks He is a stud but just took advantage of desperate young girls Hollywood dreams who would fuck anyone to get ahead !

  17. Eric Says:

    Lee had an amazing body. I think there is only one logical reason why she has a body of a white woman: Her family bloodlines must of come from Mongolia; because I read about Chinese model Daniela Wang in which Asian girls tend to have bigger breasts in that country than in China. As you are aware Lee did some movies in the late-60’s-and trying to be like Nancy Kwan (but then again Kwan herself had a hard time trying to break from her Asian stereotypes). And she married legendary comedian Mort Stahl while filming “Don’t Make Waves” together (they divorced after 20 years). I don’t know know what was more unusual: Marrying him (since he had a big presence in Playboy) or being in a movie that had Sharon Tate in it.

  18. Lucas Modzelewski Says:

    Thanks for Keeping Me Entertained

  19. Bob Salmons Says:

    China Lee is one of our great icons from the 1964 ‘s.

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