The Girls of Summer: Cathy Larmouth, Miss June 1981

This post took forever to put together because there are so many pictures and Cathy Larmouth is so funny and genuine in the interview. Hope you find her as absorbing as I did.

Photographed by Ken Marcus.

The lovely and talented Cathy Larmouth was Playboy’s Miss June, 1981. She is a really fun-loving gal, and she is unbelievably quick-witted, as I hope you’ll see.

I mainly would like her hilarious write-up (the hilarity comes from her quotes and jokes) to do the majority of the talking in this post.

Even if you normally skip the text, give some of what Ms. Larmouth has to say a whirl, because she is a hoot and a holler, a self-deprecating and talented young genius with a sweet heart and a good head on her shoulders.

“I don’t want to be famous, don’t particularly want to be an actress or a model. I just want a good man and a family. I hardly think showin’ your bazongas to 6,000,000 people qualifies anybody as a celebrity. On the other hand, it’s a great way to meet people!”

(“Lady of the Lake.” Playboy, June 1981.)

Cathy’s heritage is English, French and Mohawk Indian. She was the youngest of four children (she has three older brothers), and admits that she was spoiled, especially by her father, who died when she was 22.


“I loved my father more than anyone,” she says, “and maybe I still do. He was a warm, funny, very smart man. I always carry a poem I wrote to him after he died, so in case I ever get hit by a truck or something, whoever finds my identification will know that I was a person who had a heart.”


Oh, lord, all that dust again.

My favorite shot. This should have been the centerfold.

Cathy admits she’s a hopeless romantic, who “should have been born 40 or 50 years ago. … My favorite songs are from the Thirties, Forties and Fifties; my favorite bands are Glenn Miller’s and Nat ‘King’ Cole’s and my all-time favorite piece is Clair de Lune, by Debussy.”


Without too much persuasion, Cathy can be induced to sing one of her favorite oldies, such as “Cry Me a River” or “More Than You Know”. She has a good voice and loves to imitate various female pop stars, ranging from Dolly Parton to Helen Reddy.
“I’ve never done this stuff on a stage,” she says, “and I probably never will.”


Hooray for Dolly Parton! And if you are having trouble placing Helen Reddy, she was Nora in the Disney flick Pete’s Dragon (Don Chaffey, 1977). You know Lampie — played by Mickey Rooney — the lighthouse-keeper’s adult daughter who was waiting for her long-thought-dead fiance Paul to sail back to Passimoquoddy? — “I’ll be your candle on the water/my love for you will always burn…” Don’t front like you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about.

(… cont’d) “It’s mostly for the shower.”

Still, it’s a better-than-average voice. Why not try for a singing career?

“I hate to say this,” she answers, “but the truth is, I’m not motivated. I’m basically lazy! I’d like to write a great satirical novel, for instance, but I’d never get around to it.”


Get ready for the most hilarious part, where she spontaneously makes up a shitty poem on purpose:

“I write poetry that isn’t half bad, and I realize that all girls write poetry, but I think mine’s a cut above that awful stuff you see in the women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, stuff like —


‘I looked out the window at where your Rolls once sat
The sight of your tooth marks on the Gouda cheese
Nostalgia and pain
I dropped two ‘Ludes
and turned on the dishwasher.’

— You know? that kind of stuff.”


We suggest that maybe Cathy has a future as a poetic humorist. She demurs. “Oh, come on. That’s the hang-up most everybody in Los Angeles has. Everybody thinks she can sing, write and act, and that she’s beautiful.”


“The fact is that very few people get to be really good at any one of those things. And only a few people are really all that attractive, and they tend to float through life without ever developing themselves.”


Truth bombs comin’at’cha live. Adulthood blows, but please remember that no matter how downtrodden you feel you are still NOT YOUR JOB! Quit and go on tour.

I’m sure I would have developed my potential a lot more if I looked more like, say, Lily Tomlin than Little Annie Fanny. Unfortunately, until I was about 20, that’s what I looked like: a comic character.”


“I was 5’8″ when I was 15 and I weighed about 96 pounds, at least ten of which were breasts. I had a low-cut dress with a push-up bra that I wore to school sometimes. Once, in my math class (which I wasn’t doing so well at), my teacher, who was a man, stopped beside my desk and whispered, ‘If you wear that dress to my class twice a week, I’ll give you an A.'”


“Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I did and he did! Isn’t that awful?” She giggles mischievously.


Someday we’ll find it, a Muppet connection …

Cathy wants to give special thanks to [photographer Ken] Marcus. “He is one of the smartest, nicest, funniest men I have ever met. When he found out that I have a pretty big appetite, he nicknamed me Miss Piggy!”


“Soon, everyone at Playboy Studio West was calling me Miss Piggy. Ken and the other Playboy staffers helped me live up to my nickname by taking me to all my favorite restaurants and letting me eat all I could. I once ate an $80 lunch! You might say I can put it away!”


“So, after the shooting, they had a party for me at Studio West, and someone had a cake made with a picture of Miss Piggy on it. Ken shoved my face into the cake! I didn’t mind — I love slapstick.”


What a great and good-natured woman, am I right?

“I’m not against E.R.A., but the fact is that men are very different from women. For instance, a lot of women may hate my guts for saying this, but I think women are more emotional than men. I don’t think blurring the sex roles makes any sense. Pretty soon, you’ll be calling your grandmother your grandperson. That’s not my style.”


“One can’t just go through life being led by one’s chest! At the end of my life, I’d much rather look back and see that I’d been a good wife and a good mother than that I’d been a model.”


A very beautiful personal epitaph.

Cover model is the Playmate of the Year, photographed by Phillip Dixon. In 1981, the PMOY, the lovely and talented Terri Welles (Miss May 1980), was given a cash prize and a brand-spank-banking new Porsche 924 Turbo. I said goddamn. Eventually, Playboy Enterprises sued her, like in 1996 or 1998. Look it up. Interesting shit.

What’s really freaky for me is that while sussing out what was what in Ms. Larmouth’s Playboy issue, I stumbled over the May issue of this same year and it has a featured interview with philosopher and psychologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, which I’d mentioned in the bookworm post I had promised my dear aunt I’d start boning up on her death and grief writings. Wild coincidence, but a great jumping-off point for something on which I’ve been dragging my feet for nearly a decade. So I’m’a hit that now after I post up a Daily Batman and plan to be outie for the night. Feels like fate. Mysterious ways, am I right??

Cathy’s daughter Hayley confirms that Ms. Larmouth passed away in Utah following a heart attack January 4, 2007, at the age of 53. Ms. Larmouth had numerous complications in her declining health, including a hole in her heart. I hope that because her health problems were an early warning, she was able to at least partially prepare herself and her family for the loss. R.I.P. to a very special gal.

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34 Responses to “The Girls of Summer: Cathy Larmouth, Miss June 1981”

  1. IzaakMak Says:

    I hate to admit it, but as much as I love these “Girls of Summer” posts, I usually just look through the pictures. I’m so glad that I actually took your advice and read the text this time! Cathy Larmouth truly does seem to have been a special gal indeed – someone I would really have liked to know! And, considering that she was only a couple years my senior, it’s so sad that she’s passed. I always had a thing for girls a little older than myself! 😆

    Thanks again for a great post! 😀

    • Says:

      I knew Cathy a while back, and she was a bright woman, better looking and brighter than when she was even back in 1981.

      Hayley was a lot of fun, too, and they enjoyed each other, while I got to watch, and enjoy their tomfoolrey and camaraderie !

      I have other pix and “souvenirs” of time together, and like to think of her and Hayley often …


      • Lisa Sandowick Says:

        CHarlie call me iam cathernes’s other daughter Lisa Sandowick Haylee’s half sister I would most certaintly like to speak to any of my mother’s old friends my phone# is (435)287-8304 or (435)201-1543 thank you!!!!

  2. awiwt Says:

    Great post! I loved the interview parts! She seemed like an awesome woman to be around! It’s a damn shame she died so young… I also liked the pictures, what a beautiful woman!

  3. Blackbird "BB" Says:

    Yea know, you can see ALOT of Centerfolds in 50 yrs,
    and very few stay with you, but something about those magnificent eyes, peering out from behind those glasses …

    Well Cathy was one I never forget,

    Saddened to think she passed so young,
    Heartfelt Condolences to her family. BB.

  4. RP Says:

    Very seldom that we have such a physically gifted woman with lots of brain between her ears. Too bad she is gone already.
    If I had met her (and if we liked each other), it would be hypocrite for me to say if I wouldn’t make love to her first, then after the passion we would exchange thoughts about anything under the sun. A very stimulating and beautiful woman.
    RIP to my favorite Playmate. I know wherever you are now, you are still reading a lot of poetry and perhaps even Erich Fromm.

  5. scott Says:

    June 1981. Cathy Larmouth. Cathy and Miss June 1990 Bonnie Marino have always been my top two favorite Playmates of all-time. thanx for this wonderful post and tribute to Cathy. What is so incredible is to see all of the stunning photos that didn’t get published. There are about 4 that I like a lot better than the ones that Playboy/Hefner selected to publish in her photo-spread. My gosh, such perfect hair, eyes and body. The one taken outside where she is sitting on a stone wall is perfection defined. 27, 28 is the perfect age to become a Playmate. It is sad knowing she has passed on.

  6. Bob Says:

    Damn, For some reason, out of the blue, I happened to do a search for Debbie Boostrom and was kind of shocked to see that she had passed away. In the forum that I found that info, one of the posters mentioned that Cathy Larmouth had as well, unbelievable. Very sorry to hear about both of them, they were both just a few years older than me and I remember their issues very well. Cathy’s centerfold was one of my favorites, sexy as hell, but also classy. Time is sure flying.

  7. J Says:

    Her physicality was the easy part, the brief taste we get of her headshell says much.
    Playboy should have always carried the torch for natural endowment as a prerequisite. CL ranks at the top for total body perfection – just the right age & softness…RIP.

  8. Paul L Says:

    My all-time favorite playmate. I am sad.

  9. Paul L Says:

    Bar None My all-time favorite playmate. I am sad.

  10. Says:

    To me, one of the most beautiful playmates ever.

  11. Says:

    From Jim, I’m a fan of Playboy Playmates from the 80’s/Miss June 1981, the late Cathy Larmouth. I was shocked to learn that Cathy had passed away at 53 in 2007 and wanted to cry. She was sentimental to me. Cathy was the first Playmate I ever looked at then–I was 19–and she made a lasting impression on me. I’m 48 now. She was beautiful, classy, and she proved to me that a woman could wear glasses (I wear them too) and still be sexy. I’ll never forget her and miss her. May this centerfold angel be in Heaven. My condolences to her daughters. I share your grief. Thanks.

  12. J. Says:

    I was truly saddened to learn of Cathy Larmouth’s passing. I graduated junior high school in June of 1981. Needless to say, Cathy’s Playboy appearance and my puberty dovetailed perfectly. 😉 I clearly remember thinking at that time that of the numerous Playmates I’d seen up to that point (via pilfered copies of the mag from my step-father), Cathy Larmouth stood head and shoulders above them all. She resembled a statue of Venus come to life, and yet she seemed genuinely down to earth. Cathy Larmouth was – and always will be – truly beautiful, inside and out. RIP.

  13. Jed Leyland Says:

    The pictures of her & the bed post are outrageous !!!

  14. Neal O. Says:

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful person

  15. tom Says:

    Cathy, was my date for our 20th HS Reunion, she had brought her daughter with her, that night! I didn`t know her in school(large class) nor did I read Playboy, she felt safe I guess with me, many other men were constantly leering at her as we danced. It was a great night, we met alot of friends, many I hadn`t seen because I was in the Service then. I will miss her honesty and the love she had for her daughter that night too!

  16. Brad O'Brien Says:

    You always wonder what happens to them. Do they achieve their life goals? I used to always think of the women as quite vain or quite desperate (college students eager to cash in on a nice set). Ms Larmouth seemed not at all like that. In later years we saw Jenny McCarthy and a host of other centerfolds who somehow thought a good figure could propel them all to celeb status. Cathy evidently chose none of that.
    From the sound of the article she was divorced or never married to her daughter’s father. That’s sad. A woman like that should have had the man she and so many Playmates indicate they want in life. (Oddly enough, it’s never anyone like Hef at all) I think she epitomized the things Playmates are hated for by the world’s Gloria Steinems. Cathy was beautiful without vanity. She was unashamed of her God-given physical beauty and recognized what a burden it would be as early as 15. And she wanted a marriage and family and made known that that superceded all else for her.
    I wonder if the mag has ever run a tribute retrospective. I would have enjoyed learning her life trajectory from the June issue onward to her final death. I hope when she died she was surrounded by family and friends. 53 seems so young to die from a heart attack.
    If a woman like this could die from a myocardial infarction anyone could.

  17. rip quotes Says:

    rip quotes…

    […]The Girls of Summer: Cathy Larmouth, Miss June 1981 « The Thought Experiment[…]…

  18. Jim Says:

    I am visiting this site again, and I have posted comments before. I definitely don’t mind doing it again. This is an absolute wonderful tribute to Cathy Larmouth, and the best one I have ever seen. She was just a terrific and beautiful lady, and the way she looks posing in these fantastic pictures is exactly how I will always fondly remember Cathy. Besides the first Playmate I ever saw, some 30 years ago now when I was 19–and I can admit this, I’m definitely not ashamed of it, she was also my very first Playmate “crush”. I simply adored Cathy who was as you all know a very special lady indeed and it’s just a shame I did not ever have the opportunity to meet her in person. I’m sure she was just as nice, cute, and sweet as she could be. In fact, I wished at the time that I had a real-live “Playmate” of my own to call mine, and in 1988, I found her. She was my beloved wife, my soulmate who was with me 22 great years; she passed away in 2010, like Cathy, way before her time and too darn young, at 54. I would imagine that both of them are in Heaven together, restored to their original beauty and then some, happy and content. They are both dearly missed. I will never ever forget either one of them. I recently learned from another web site the name of which I won’t mention that there is now a memorial marker for Cathy at the cemetery in Utah where she has been remembered by her family. I am glad they now have closure. May my favorite all-time centerfold, Miss June 1981 Cathy Larmouth rest contentedly in peace. Her daughters have my sympathy, and believe me, ladies, I can genuinely identify with your loss.

  19. richard perkins Says:

    she is my favorite playmate,very engaging

  20. Tom Says:

    Believe it or not, I remember seeing her as a contestant on the syndicated version of “The Joker’s Wild” sometime in the early 80’s. There was no mention of her being a playmate, and I felt very clever that I knew something about her that the host did not! She was so beautiful and voluptuous!

    • Erik Says:

      Tom, yes, I do remember Cathy Larmouth being on The Joker’s Wild…..around 1983 or 1984, and I believe Jack Barry was the host. She looked great, and was very composed on the show.

  21. dimitri Says:

    Yes,I rememberher also is anything to forget?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Why is there no picture of her butt anywhere?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    As a butt man, I wonder why there is not a single butt picture of this beautiful woman anywhere?

  24. Dale Ealey Says:

    E you really do have a way with these posts. Another lady I admired has passed and I found out late -“The Lady In The Lake”. I just found out about Debbie Boostrom last year (via Lame Cherry), and I’ve been searching everywhere for info on her. God, it seems like the good ones are really dropping the past few years. Those ladies from the 80’s were really special and I enjoy you memorializing them so much. You’re the best E.

  25. secret admirer Says:

    Cathy, I found some of your pictures in Playboy of June 1981. They
    are beautiful. God took you away too soon. Rest in peace, sweetheart.

  26. Rick Berger Says:

    Iam sad that Cathy is no longer with us.She will be in our hearts for ever.No one in this world is perfect but Cathy is as close to being perfect. your fan rick miss you sweetheart

  27. james rogers Says:

    Hi lisa sandowich

    contact me at

    james rogers

  28. greg Says:


  29. Wizard Says:

    I met Cathy in 1981. She was lost and trying to find her way back to Arcadia from Hemmet, Ca. The people she had asked before me were insulting to her because of her figure. She was beautiful, especially her EYES! I asked if i could have a picture of her face, she laughed and said buy my magazine. I didn,t cause i wanted to remember her eyes and smile! So sorry shes passed.

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